Hemp CBD Dropshipping Program

How to successfully dropship CBD hemp products online! 

This article will explain how to go about dropshipping hemp CBD products. The proper set up to run a successful CBD dropshipping website. 

Step 1! Locate a website provider that allows for dropshipping such as,! uses as our website provider due to the easy website development tools for web developers of all experience levels, amazing tech support team, and the approval to sell CBD hemp based products on their platform! Many website providers do not allow the sale of CBD hemp flower, edibles, and other products, so all that hard work will go to waste once they ban your website! 

Be sure to provide unique and useful hemp content throughout your hemp CBD website! The FDA has cracked down on CBD companies making outlandish health claims and will seek to shut down CBD hemp businesses who continue to make these claims.  

Step 2! CBD hemp payment processing and hemp CBD payment gateway! has learned how to navigate these rough banking days because many banks will not do business with hemp CBD companies! In order to receive a suggested way to go about doing this, as we have, please contact us at with the subject heading, "CBD Payment Processing and Hemp Payment Gateway". We will refer our drop shipping clients to the best way of going about this, but here is the stipulation, in order to hear exactly how to connect with our CBD hemp payment processors and CBD payment gateways, you must be our drop shipping partner! It would not make much sense for to unveil our secrets unless we are partners in the hemp CBD industry. 

Step 3! Become our partner and join our CBD hemp dropshipping services!

Our dropshipping partners are enjoying our convenient CBD hemp services, especially our profit margins! As we continue to rapidly grow our smokable hemp flower business, our profit margins will continue to increase and so will your profits! 

Simple and effective, our hemp CBD dropshipping will be able to offer all of our 30+ hemp flower strains on their website. Open up a whole category on your CBD business titled, "hemp blunts", or simply create a whole website dedicated to hemp CBD blunt sales. We have a booming customer base, so we are sure you will too!

In order to be approved, we need to carefully vet your CBD website.

Here are a few requirements to keep in mind as you properly develop your hemp CBD dropshipping website:

  • Age verification when a customer goes to your website - 21 or older! 
  • No medical health claims - you can not treat, diagnose, or prescribe your customers and claim our CBD hemp blunts magically cure diseases, sickness, or ailments. As discussed above, the FDA is cracking down and many health claims have never been proven or scientifically backed! 
  • Do not copy and paste our unique content or images - you must create your own to prevent SEO penalties or copyright issues. 
  • Include our COAs per hemp flower strain - lab reports are necessary to give your potential customers full knowledge of what they are about to consume!
  • Include all proper disclaimers, terms and privacy pages, and a notice to law enforcement.
  • Include the following message on each product and the footer of your website: All Top Shelf Creations LLC ( products are made from 100% U.S. grown industrial hemp and contain 0.3% or less Delta 9 THC.
  • has the right to end our services with you at any point in time, we also often review our CBD dropshipping partners to make sure their websites are up to date and following our guidelines. 

Step 4! Advertising CBD hemp websites!

Navigating the world of advertising hemp CBD products and businesses is a pretty challenging aspect of the hemp CBD business world! Once you are confirmed and deploy your CBD dropshipping website and sign our partner agreement, we will do our best to suggest how to properly advertise your business!

Since many social media companies ban paid advertisement campaigns which market CBD hemp flower and related products, you must be open to other forms of paid advertising! 

Social media content and posts have been a great way to navigate around this issue in the realm of social media marketing. 

If you have little to no budget towards marketing your hemp CBD dropshipping website, blogging with unique and useful content is a slow but very important way to build your online web presence and gain traffic through SEO methods. 

After you have been approved by, email to set up a CBD marketing consultation to further brain storm ideas that work specifically for your situation! We have a top shelf content creation team that would be eager to assist with your CBD hemp blunt sales! 

Step 5! Create an efficient way your customer base can reach you with any and all questions! Customer service is highly important as the smokable hemp flower industry is very new, many questions to be answered! has set up a quality team of hemp CBD experts and our customer service team is always around to help our clients! If you are accepted into our CBD dropshipping program, you will have a direct line to one of our professionals who can be reached beyond closing hours. That means, any issues or questions you or your customer may have can be answered as quickly as possible. We do our best to give our dropshipping partners any and all resources we may have to better assist your with you increasing your sales!

My name is John and as the founder of, I would personally like to thank you for your interest in our CBD hemp dropshipping program. I will continue to update this article and engage with our dropshipping partners as frequent as possible!

Thank you for your time and hope to have you on board with us!

- CEO of


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