Hemp Flower For Sale

CBD Hemp Flower For Sale

At, we strive to find the best hemp flower strains we can offer our clients! Smokable CBD flower blunts are some of the most sought after type of smokable hemp flower products. We allow our clients to buy hemp flower blunts which are lab tested and carefully researched. Our full spectrum hemp flower contains all the natural cannabinoids, hemp terpenes, and fatty acids necessary for an amazing experience!

We have carefully selected our 5 smokable CBD flower strains for you to test. Each strain has been categorized based on the terpenes along with the full spectrum cannabinoid profile. We also heavily consider and categorized our hemp flower strains based on the reviews we receive from our clientele. We ask that our customers leave a review either by email at or by individual product review(we prefer to give public knowledge for all of our clients to view). 

We picked one hemp strain from each effect category we have to offer. carefully goes through the lab reports of each smokable hemp flower strain we have to offer. Based on a calculation of hemp terpenes, cannabinoid profile, and customer reviews we have categorized each strain!

Here are 5 hemp flower strains we suggest trying in August, 2020!


1. Strawberry Cake CBD Hemp Flower - 17.70% CBD - 1 gram

Hemp Cannabinoids:

  • Total CBD 17.70%, 177.01 mg/gram

Hemp Terpenes:

  • alpha-Pinene- .14%
  • beta-myrcene- .17%


2. The Don Hemp Flower - 9.30% CBD - 1.5 grams

Hemp Terpenes:

  • alpha-Humulene- .07%
  • beta-Myrcene- .30%

Hemp Cannabinoids:

  • Total CBD 9.30%, 93 mg/gram


3. Sour Diesel Hemp Flower - 14.66% CBD - 1 gram

Hemp Terpenes:

  • alpha-Bisabolo- .07%
  • beta-Myrcene- .14%
  • alpha-Pinene- .11%
  • trans-Caryophyllene- .07%

Hemp Cannabinoids:

  • Total CBD 14.66%, 146.60 mg/gram


4. Hemp Jam Hemp Flower - 20.24% CBD - 1 gram

Hemp Cannabinoids:

  • Total CBD 20.24%, 202.40 mg/gram

Hemp Terpenes:

  • alpha-Bisabolol- .05%
  • trans-Caryophyllene- .08%
  • Limonene- .07%
  • alpha-Humulene- .04%
  • beta-Myrcene- .39%


5. Elektra Hemp Flower - 22.62% CBD - 1 gram

Hemp Terpenes:

  • alpha-Pinene- .15%
  • beta-Myrcene- .3%
  • Linalool- .05%
  • Limonene- .05%

Hemp Cannabinoids:

  • Total CBD 22.62%, 226.16 mg/gram


Buy Smokable Hemp Flower at!

We hope you enjoy each of our hemp flower strains we have to offer and will constantly update our collection based on hemp farms and the genetics they have to offer! As the hemp flower industry continues to evolve, so is and our constant search for the most quality CBG and CBD hemp flower strains we can roll with!


What is Smokable Hemp Flower? 

Our research team has carefully described what smokable CBD flower is and why it is becoming the fastest growing sector in the hemp industry around the world!

Be ready for the launch of, - A pre-rolled hemp doobies company!

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