Why You Should Buy Smokable Hemp Flower!

Smokable Hemp Flower: The Little Hemp Flower With The Big Reputation!

Hemp Flower: The Little Flower With The Big Reputation

High-CBD and High-CBG hemp flower is gaining traction for two main reasons.

  1. It can deliver amazing wellness benefits, which have not yet been confirmed by the FDA or clinical trials.
  2. And it’s a quality recreational pastime when you’re looking to unwind with friends—or on your own! 

Cannabis enthusiasts who already use CBD topicals and edibles are exploring new ways to embrace 100% natural, 100% pure hemp flower—and seeing it for the valuable tool it can be in our quest for happiness and wellbeing. 

And what better way to experience the full spectrum benefits of hemp CBD flower than by smoking it?

With hemp flower owning the spotlight in the cannabis industry right now, there’s never been a better time to capitalize on its benefits and experience the best that it has to offer.

Here’s what you need to know about the magical little flower with the big reputation.

Part I: What Is Hemp Flower?

A Bud By Any Other Name…

Hemp flower is the cannabinoid-rich, full-spectrum bud of the female hemp plant.

You might know it by some other names: bud, nugget, nug, CBD flower, smokable hemp, or hemp CBD flower. We can use any of these terms interchangeably. Here at, we tend to go with smokable hemp flower most of the time, but you’ll see all these terms used widely and freely across the world. The main thing is that whatever you’re calling it, you know it is the raw, unprocessed, CBD-rich or CBG-rich hemp flower straight off the hemp plant.

CBD is a single cannabinoid molecule that occurs naturally in the hemp plant.

Bonus fact: When you hear the term full-spectrum we are talking about a product that includes all the naturally occurring cannabinoids, fatty acids, and hemp terpenes. Hemp flower is a full-spectrum CBD or CBG product which is highly desirable.

Because CBD has major benefits to living creatures—and we’ll be exploring all of those here—it has led to hemp being called the CBD plant. For this reason, hemp flower often gets called CBD flower.

So let’s keep it simple: hemp flowers are the compact, frosty, rich colored buds on a hemp flower—and yes, they look exactly like marijuana buds.

So Hemp is Marijuana?

They look almost identical, and hemp comes from the cannabis sativa species like marijuana (sometimes) does, but no.

There are some pretty major differences between the hemp plant and the marijuana plant.

First of all, let’s explore THC levels.

Hemp—by law—must contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. Marijuana has between 5% and 20% THC (although in some strains that THC content hits a whopping 30%).

Secondly, hemp and marijuana are cultivated differently.

Marijuana has to be cultivated under controlled conditions to adhere with monitoring laws and regulations through every aspect of its life cycle. It’s costly, it’s sterile, and it’s heavily regulated.

Hemp can be grown easily and with minimal outside interference. As a natural plant, it is allowed to do what it does—which is to naturally be high in CBD, and low in THC.

Third, hemp and marijuana have very different legal statuses.

We’ll explore more of this in a minute, but for now: marijuana is technically illegal in the US, and hemp is technically legal in the US. Trust us—there’s way more to the story than that.

How Can I Use Hemp Flower?

Hemp CBD flower can be used to derive a massive range of CBD products for human and animal use:

  • Oils—distilled oils or tinctures infused with concentrated CBD and absorbed under the tongue.
  • Topicals—CBD can be infused into creams, lotions, lip balms and dry oils to treat muscle and joint pain directly. They are also used to support those with certain skin conditions.
  • Capsules, pills, and suppositories—the FDA has approved the first CBD drug to treat digestive issues and seizures. Capsules have a notorious long absorption rate.
  • Edibles—gummies, baked goods, cooking oils, salad oils. As one of the most popular methods of CBD dosing, edibles can be a discrete, tasty way to reap the benefits of this valuable flower.
  • Vaping—one of the fastest methods for using CBD, this requires inhaling vaporized CBD oil into your lungs. There is considerable research being done into how vaping affects lung tissue and the severity of side effects and health impacts from vaping.
  • Smoking—delivers CBD and its entourage of cannabinoids and terpenes directly to the lungs and bloodstream.

And The Winner Is…

Clearly, smoking CBD flower isn’t the only way to consume CBD, but it is one of the most effective and fastest ways to receive the cannabinoids and hemp terpenes your body is craving!

How we consume our CBD plays a major part in how soon we reap the benefits.

Inhalation (from smoking or vaping) is the most effective delivery method because of how fast the CBD is absorbed into the body. This level of bioavailability is only contested by IV delivery—and nobody is going to be injecting CBD into their bloodstream.

By smoking CBD flower, cannabinoids like CBD and CBG are sent straight to the lungs, distributed into the bloodstream and sent around the body to interact with the endocannabinoid system.

Recent data showed that CBD reaches its peak in the blood in under 3 minutes from the time you inhale it.

The second benefit to smoking hemp CBD flower is in its longevity within the body. Researchers and scientists have known for over a decade that smoking CBD allows it to remain in our system—interacting with our endocannabinoid system—for longer than any other method. CBD has been detected in the bloodstream 3 days after smoking. By comparison, it is only detectable for 6 hours following the ingestion of capsules. All the benefits of delivering high quality CBD to the body are gone after that.

Talk To Me About This Endocannabinoid System

We’ve mentioned it twice now, so for those who already know what we’re talking about—you can skip to the smoking section right here.

For anyone who hasn’t had a chance to explore the endocannabinoid system (ECS)—you’re in luck.

When you smoke high quality CBD hemp flower—or partake of any CBD product—CBD is connecting with cannabinoid receptors within our bodies. These receptors, part of a chemical network within us, receive the CBD and use it to regulate the ECS.

The ECS is a system just like the digestive system, the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system—it has a job to do.

And it’s job is to keep our bodies in a state of homeostasis—balanced, stable, “normal”.

CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid our bodies can use. THC—from marijuana—is another one that interacts with the ECS. CBG, CBN, CBC—all these play a role in stimulating and supporting the ECS, which is why full-spectrum hemp flower is so valuable.

Part II: Smoking Hemp Flower CBD

Ok, so we’ve established that smoking hemp flower is a great way to experience the benefits of full-spectrum, all natural CBD. Or at the very least, you’re open minded enough to know it’s worth exploring.

That’s good. Growth never came from ignoring the facts.

And here are the facts you need.

1. Ways To Smoke Hemp Flower

Hemp flower can be smoked as pre-rolled blunts—pure hemp flower in a hemp leaf wrap, or as doobies(joints)—the same quality CBD hemp flower wrapped in a cigarette paper. For users who have a lot of time on their hands, there is also raw CBD hemp flower, which you can buy, grind, and roll for yourself. If you’re doing the latter, practice makes perfect because this task can be very difficult to master and very inconvenient! 

Technically, spliffs and vapes are classified as smoking hemp flower, too.

Spliffs are similar to a hemp joint, except they also contain tobacco(harmful). We don’t endorse this as a great method of getting your CBD, simply because of the carcinogens and toxins inherent in smoking tobacco. Tobacco and nicotine cause many issues, including cancer!

Likewise, we don’t support the use of vaping CBD at this time. Given the controversy and potential health risks surround vape use, we prefer to stick with the method we know and trust: smoking hemp blunts!

2. How To NOT Smoke Hemp Flower

For anyone who ever smoked a joint in high school—or saw it done on television—you’re familiar with the puff, puff, hold your breath for a really long time, cough uncontrollably scenario.

This was supposed to give you the best high, right?

Wrong. When it comes to consuming cannabinoids—whether we’re chasing the psychoactive high of THC or the calming, relaxing effects of quality CBD—holding in the smoke doesn’t help.

It’s actually worse for you and your lungs! This causes serious damage to your body.

Taking a deeper hit and holding it in puts unnecessary strain on your lungs, and burns more hemp flower than you actually need. Essentially, it wastes product and harms your body in the process.

3. How To REALLY Smoke Hemp Flower - This information is not approved by the FDA or any clinical trial. We simply took the most accurate information from the public internet! 

To get the most benefit from your smokable hemp flower, do this:

  • Inhale slowly, with your mouth partially open to allow air in with the smoke.
  • Inhale like you’re taking a slow, deep breath through your mouth.
  • Hold for a few seconds, and exhale slowly.
  • Wait a minute, then repeat.

Often, a couple of hits of a full-spectrum smokable hemp blunt are all you need to experience the wellness benefits. By taking your time, and pausing between hits, you’ll be able to gauge how you feel accurately. As an added bonus, you don’t waste valuable, quality hemp CBD flower, and you get the most out of your usage.

4. Understanding Dosing - Not approved by the FDA or any clinical trials!

Perfecting your CBD dosing depends on a range of components—your body, your symptoms, your tolerance to CBD, cannabis in general, and smoking hemp!

Micro-dosing CBD is taking small doses regularly to help combat pain, stress, and anxiety issues. Larger doses, like those approved by the FDA in the treatment of epileptic seizures, should only be taken by those on an FDA approved CBD product.

How you dose will fall somewhere in between these two, and getting to that sweet spot takes time and patience.

Fortunately, smoking CBD puts you in control easily. Because you control how much you ingest, you can puff and pause until you hit the right spot, then put down your blunt and relax.

5. Finding Your Comfort Dose

The beauty of smoking CBD—as opposed to other methods—is that your body will give you feedback fast. Within a few minutes you’ll know if you’ve hit your happy spot. As with point 3. How To Really Smoke Hemp Flower, by taking one hit at a time and waiting for your body’s reaction, you can comfortably gauge your own personal tolerance.

This can be incredibly helpful for budgeting your blunt spend, too!

6. The Effects of Hemp Flower

The effects of CBD flower are as unique as the individual. Nobody can tell you exactly how CBD—or any individual terpene profile—will make you feel.

Most CBD enthusiasts share some similar experiences, though. Relaxation and calm are the main feelings usually associated with smokable hemp flower. This is predominantly thanks to how CBD interacts with our ECS to calm the body and ease stresses. The benefits of smokable hemp flower are too many to get into here, but fear not: we’re going to cover them in the next part of this guide.

Many first time hemp smokers are also pretty surprised at how similar smoking hemp is to smoking marijuana.

How similar, you ask?

Because marijuana and hemp flowers are both descendants of the same plant species, the act of smoking is almost identical. The only difference is the effect. Because CBD is blissfully low in THC, there is no high feeling. Nor is there any paranoia, or crazy desire to eat anything and everything in sight.

7. Terpene Profiles and Hemp Flower

One way seasoned smokers and new hemp explorers can find their ideal hemp blunt is by choosing the terpene profile that appeals to them. If you like the classic, earthy cannabis smell, myrcene-dominant products will set your heart (and senses) aflutter. Linalool-dominant hemp strains will appeal to lavender lovers, and humulene has a similar scent and flavor profile to craft beer.

Terpenes are oily molecules that give the hemp flower its taste and scent. We like to think of terpenes as the hemp plant’s personality.

Hemp terpenes do more than just taste and smell good, though—they have real impact on our wellness. That’s because terpenes have been used in essential oils, aromatherapy, native medicines, and naturopathic treatments for generations.

Plus, if you’ve been smoking for a long time, there’s real benefit in finally making the break from the nerve-wracking effects of THC. Smokable hemp flower gives you all the taste and aroma of marijuana, without the high.

7. Hemp Flower is Legal (Sort of) - You must research your local laws to find out the most accurate and up to date information. States are constantly reviewing and updating laws surrounding smokable hemp flower!

The short story is: hemp is legal in the USA, but might be illegal in your state!

The long story is: back in 2018, the US introduced the Farm Bill. Now hemp is legal at a federal law, and no longer falls under the Controlled Substances Act. This means it is legal in the US, provided it contains less than 0.3% THC.

But—and it’s a pretty big but—states can outlaw it at a local level. So contrary to the common belief, hemp is not legal everywhere. Please check with your local body government—knowledge is power.

8. Drug Tests Don’t Pick Up THC Levels

It is extremely unlikely that you will fail a drug test after smoking quality hemp flower from a reputable source. Most drug tests are testing for delta-9 THC. Hemp flower contains less than 0.3% of this, so you would need to consume an incredibly large amount for it to present on a drug screen. Keep in mind, the source you purchase hemp flower from could very well be super shady! Some companies are claiming levels of low THC when finding that these same companies are selling hemp flower higher in THC than legally allowed. This can result in the failure of a drug test or prison time! Go with the trusted source, for example, vets each hemp farm and the strains they grow! We do not mess around and depend on the hemp farms we do business with to continue to give us the hemp flower they display in the COAs(lab reports). 

Of course, it’s important to stress that you need to be purchasing from a reputable retailer. We undergo strict testing and verify each hemp farm has tested their product with a 3rd party laboratory to ensure the levels of CBD and THC in our smokable hemp blunts, and provide independent lab results with every hemp blunt order we send out.

Part III: The Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower

#1. CBD inhalation is fast-acting

Of all the ways to use CBD, smoking gives the most effective bioavailability. You’ll feel the benefits almost immediately.

This means you can gauge your dose fast, decide quickly when you’ve consumed enough, and enjoy the benefits much quicker than when using edibles or topicals.

#2. Hemp flower won’t get you high - Our hemp flower will not, but we can not say the same for other hemp companies!

CBD-rich hemp flower may look and smell like marijuana, but it doesn’t leave you feeling intoxicated, incapacitated, or paranoid like marijuana will. Because it contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC, you remain blissfully present.

#3. It is a natural alternative to risky vaping

Vaping gained popularity quickly thanks to claims it was safer than smoking. This has all but been debunked as the US faces an epidemic of lung tissue injuries and illnesses caused by vaping.

Smoking hemp flower allows you to partake of CBD using just activated plant matter—with no other ingredients.

#4. Hemp flower improves inflammatory reactions - Not approved by the FDA or clinical trails.

Chronic inflammation leads to joint pain, chronic stiffness, musculoskeletal issues, and physical stress. CBD has shown an ability to interact with the ECS to improve how our bodies manage inflammation.

#5. Hemp flower can support efforts to quit smoking tobacco

Smokable hemp bud products may help people quit smoking, ironically. A recent study demonstrated that tobacco smokers who used a CBD product smoked less tobacco and reported less nicotine cravings.

Similarly, research has shown that CBD can act upon circuits in the brain that relate to drug addiction and dependence.

#6. Hemp flower is calming - Not approved by the FDA or clinical trials.

Marijuana used to be the plant of choice for those coping with chronic stress. Literature shows us that high-THC products may actually make stress and anxiety worse.

CBD nug products, like quality smokable hemp flower, have been shown to improve the symptoms associated with anxiety and chronic stress disorders like PTSD.

#7. Hemp flower can support chronic pain management - Not approved by the FDA or clinical trials.

When the ECS interacts with the nervous system, CBD products like hemp flower block the chemical signals communicating pain to the rest of the body. This in turn reduces the perception of pain and gives us relief from ongoing stress without the use of NSAIDs and steroids.

#8. Hemp flower acts upon CECD.

Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency is a medically recognized syndrome where the body doesn’t produce enough of its own cannabinoids to maintain the ECS and homeostasis within the body. Introducing cannabinoids like CBD can potentially ease the symptoms associated with CECD.

Symptoms of CECD include:

  • Chronic inflammation
  • Psoriasis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Endometriosis
  • Anovulation—lack of ovulation
  • Rosacea

#9. Hemp flower supports the management of chronic stress - Not approved by the FDA.

CBD plays a role in alleviating chronic levels of stress. The HPA axis of the brain is responsible for moderating pain and stress. CBD—available predominantly in hemp CBD flower—binds with the receptors in that area of the brain to interact with our stress control centre.

#10. Hemp flower delivers the Entourage Effect

Hemp flower goes beyond CBD. It also contains CBG, CBN, CBS, and minute amounts of THC. It is full of aromatic terpenes and flavonoids which work together to deliver a potent all-round, all-natural experience.

Researchers believe that CBD works better with its friends. Just like CBD manages the high associated with THC, CBN may act as a mild sedative in conjunction with CBD. Although the full action of the entourage effect hasn’t been discovered, it is generally accepted that full-spectrum smokable hemp has solid benefits. CBG flower is another option for non-psychoactive cannabis smoking.

#11. Hemp flower may benefit insomnia - Not approved by the FDA

Research has shown that 66% of study participants reported sleeping better after using CBD products. Although more study needs to be done into how CBD acts on sleep hygiene issues, there is a theory that CBD and CBN work on the body as a mild sedative to improve sleep.

#12. Hemp flower can reduce acne - Can hemp flower help with acne on the skin?

CBD reduces inflammation, which can in turn help to reduce skin inflammation in acne sufferers. Research into CBD as a treatment for acne has shown good results in stopping new pimples from forming, but not in shrinking acne that has already shown up.

#13. Hemp flower is good for the earth!


If you didn’t know, hemp plants produce a better yield when they’re stressed—within reason. One such stressor is toxic soil. When hemp plants are grown in a controlled environment in soil contaminated with heavy metals, they have produced high CBD flower yields.

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.

Feeling inspired to try something new? Explore all our terpene profiles and meet your next hemp flower favorite.



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